Every project is unique and is therefore calculated on an individual basis.

Please contact me by e-mail to discuss your project. Let me know the subject, the type of service (editing, copy-editing, proofreading, translation, writing) you require and the desired deadline. For proofreading work I also need a few representative sample pages. You will receive a transparent quote as soon as possible.

The fee structure depends on the type of service:

Proofreading & Copy-editing per page or per hour

Translation per line** or per word

Editing per hour or lump sum

Writing per hour or lump sum

* 1500 characters incl. blanks
** 55 characters incl. blanks
For hourly rates an estimated number of hours will be agreed.
For general information on editors‘ fees and calculation please see the German Association of freelance editors (VFLL) website: http://www.vfll.de/honorare/