„Translating means translating messages, not words.“

As a qualified translator (MA) in English and French, I translate technical texts, websites, articles, books and more into my native language German. When translating into English, I co-operate with a linguistically qualified English native speaker.

Areas I have covered include education, technical and business fields. However, I enjoy tapping into other fields and subjects.

Other translation-related services

You have translated a text into German yourself (or had it translated by someone else) and would like to be on the safe side?

Optimizing the language – A translation should read like an original text. Let me work over your German translation to make sure it is accurate, error-free and ‘sounds’ German. (see Proofreading & Copy-editing)

Copy-editing a translation – Mistakes happen, in translation too. Having the original and the target text checked by a second pair of eyes helps to weed out the mistakes. I will go over your translations with a fine-tooth comb.